Editing Services

I provide copy editing, proofreading, stylistic editing, and creative writing critiques. In the course of my career I’ve edited magazines, press releases, newsletters, articles, web copy, and other internal and external publications. I’ve worked with the fiction and poetry of students, emerging writers, and professional writers. Thanks to my two degrees in psychology and writing, I tackle a broad range of content. My clients reflect this breadth. They include public health research firms, literary journals, and international development nonprofits.

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Copy Editing

Line-by-line editing for grammar, spelling, consistency, and style.


A close review of the text and layout of your final proof prior to print/publication.

Stylistic Editing

Editing for the quality, clarity, and effectiveness, and flow of language.

Creative Writing Critique

For creative writers at all levels, feedback and suggestions to develop your piece.

I work in a variety of styles including APA, MLA, and Chicago.

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